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A Box with all 100% genuine LEGO®-bricks of a single MOC-Design. Just like buying a set in a store, the only difference is: you only buy the bricks!

We do the hard work, we collect all the bricks you need to build a specific MOC, without having to search the internet in (multiple) shops to buy them separately. So you can do what you love/want to do most: Build the MOC! No additional fees!

It saves you time and money in collecting bricks from (multiple) shops around the world. Waiting for the complete set, sort them and be ready to be build can be frustrating and takes a lot of time. We do that now for you!

The joy you get from buying a complete ready to be made set. And on the long-term the ‘exclusive’ collection we can offer with MOC’s created by MOC-designers but not suitable for being an official LEGO®-Ideas-set for example. Nothing more, nothing less, just a business were we can make MOC’s together!
We only help the designers by selling ready-made-boxes with bricks of their designs and by doing that giving them a lager audience because the sets are more accessible to everyone. In some cases we collaborate closely with the designers and make the boxes more exclusive, just as if it is an official LEGO&reg-set.

The price of the box is based on the (world-)average unit-prices for the individual pieces.

We try to deliver a box containing a minimal of 96% out of new bricks needed for the MOC. When pieces are rare and hard to get, we’ll use used parts. When used parts are also rare and hard to get or when a brick is no longer available we’ll contact you. Together we can search for an alternative brick or make a deal for a discount or refund.

It depends if we have the box in stock or if we have to collect the individual pieces for you. 

We only accept payment in EURO.

You can pay with:

  • iDeal
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • CreditCard
  • Cash (with an appointment made for Pick-up)

When you pre-order you claim a spot in the next shipping batch.

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